Thoughts About Life

Are you battling over a painful experience in life? How do you go on living everyday when you have traces of a hurtful past that go with you everywhere you go? How can you find joy despite the recurrent setbacks that you feel? Each one of us has some dark spots in our past that we need to conquer. My early childhood has been filled with experiences, good and bad, that made me view things carefully and see things in all angles. Yes, my journey to find genuine joy was a foggy at first, but now, a bright future looms at my horizon.


I wrote this blog to become an inspiration to everyone who thinks that the world had seemed to ignore their existence. To those who carry the loads of problems every day, this blog will certainly give you the extra strength you need. One by one, I will spill my thoughts about life, and I’ll bring you the journey of what I have gone to, and where I am going.

Hope you can find the comfort you need, and may this blog be a door for you to discover more about what you can do to be inspired with life.